authentic pinoy cousine.

About the Owner


Thelma Ward has been cooking the food of her home for over 30 years. She has developed many of her own recipes over the years from Pork Adobo to Diniguan. Fiesta Filipina was formerly just a food truck set up for special events, but Thelma worked hard to bring a brick-and-mortar location to Tucson. That dream has become a reality!

In the Phillipines, food is a celebrated tradition.

Located conventiently at Park Place Mall

Monday - Thursday

Friday - Saturday


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Park Place Mall Menu


How hungry are you?

Bowl $7.99

1 entrée, 1 side, and soup

Plate $9.99

2 entrées, 1 side, and soup

Large Plate $12.99

3 entrées, 1 side, and soup


White Steamed Rice, $7.99

Garlic Fried Rice, $9.99


Beef Caldereta, $7.99

Tomato-based stew with vegetables

Chicken Adobo, $10.99

Braised chicken in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic

Chicken Afritada, $10.99

Savory tomato-based stew

Grilled Pork Belly, $11.99

Filipino-style pork belly grilled to perfection

Vegetable Pancit Bihon, $7.99

Rice noodles with stir-fry vegetables. This is our vegetarian option!

Pork Sinigang, $9.99

Green tamarind-flavored stew

Shrimp/Vegetable Stir-Fry, $10.99

Yummy stir-fry with shrimp and vegetables

Beef Kare-Kare, $10.99

Beef peanut stew

Chicken Curry, $10.99

Filipino-style chicken simmered in coconut milk and curry spice

Lechon Paksiw, $10.99

Roasted pork stewed in vinegar, liver sauce, and spices

Lumpia, $12.99

Seasoned ground beef and shrimp in egg crepe

Pork Adobo, $10.99

Braised pork in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic

Meat Skewers, $11.99

Your choice of pork or chicken skewers

Dinuguan, $11.99

Pork blood stew

Pineapple Chicken

Filipino-style chicken stew with pineapple and coconut milk.


Halo-Halo, $7.99

Layers of sweet fruit and beans topped with crushed ice and other goodness

Turon, $2.99

Banana dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon in fried lumpia wrapper

Biko, $5.99

Homemade rice cake

Á La Carte

Lechon, $15 per lb.

A whole roasted pig made fresh and served only on Saturdays!

Empanada, $4.99

Empanada filled with your choice of chicken or beef!


Fountain Drinks, R $2.99 L $3.99

Assortment of Pepsi products to choose from

Bottled Water, $1.99

Bottled Drinks, $2.99

Cantaloupe Juice, $4.99

Freshly made cantaloupe juice

Specialty Lemonades, $4.99

We have an assortment of Specialty Lemonade flavors!

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Food Truck and Catering Menu

Fiesta Filipina Menu Catering 2
Fiesta Filipina Catering Menu 1

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